Excellent Timing!

By Muna Habash

There has never been a better time to buy real estate in Aruba!

Due to economic weakness in North America and Europe over the last few years and the fact that many people from these areas owned second homes in Aruba, a savvy investor can now purchase a home or investment property here for a fraction of what it would have cost a year or two ago. Savings can easily total hundreds of thousands of dollars and some properties can be purchased for less than it cost to build them!

It is well known Aruba lies outside the hurricane belt and enjoys beautiful warm weather almost year round. It is an extremely safe island and the easy living and beautiful beaches beacon many. As a resident of the USA, Canada or EU countries you are allowed to spend 180 days per calendar year on the island if you own a house here, without applying for any special permits. If you wish to stay longer resident permits are obtainable.

Should you want to rent your property when not using it, many reputable management companies exist that will help you with long-term or short-term rentals as well as the upkeep of your property. This additional income can pay for your property while allowing you to use it at your leisure.

As it is expected that Western economies will stabilize this year and then begin to improve, the current below-market prices will not last for long. It is important when attempting to find the best deals to work with a Company that has its finger on the pulse of the island, knowing where the best opportunities are while giving you the personalized service and attention that you deserve. MPG Realty is that Company!

It does not get any better than this. What are you waiting for?

Posted on Aug 22, 2017